Purchasing Process

There is a process and things you should know before you purchase a memorial. 

  1. How many graves are there in the lot? Most cemeteries have size restrictions that pertain to the amount of graves there are. 2 grave lot, 4 grave lot and so on. If there is an existing upright monument already, chances are you will only be able to purchase a flat marker. Knowing this will ease the process for you.
  2. Once we determine the size, the next step is the color. We have a color chart here for you to see. Prices vary in regards to the color you choose.
  3. The design. There are basic shapes, and we have design books here that you can go through that range from catholic designs with crosses and flowers, to plain designs with borders only, or just flowers. If you have a design in mind, we can do that as well.
  4. The sketch. Once you decide on your memorial, we have a sketch done with everything you have chosen along with names and dates for you to see and approve. If there are changes needed or if you want a different design, feel free to do so. We will not rush you or push you into something you are not comfortable with. This is your memorial and it should be done, properly, the way you want.
  5. Once approved, the detail is sent into production. Your monument will be handled, with whom I believe, are the best craftsmen and women in the industry. When finished, it is shipped to us and set on your family lot for you to visit for many years to come.

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